Now that we’ve had a few sunny days, are you ‘thinking spring’?

One of the most important things you can do prior to launch is to make sure your bottom paint is fresh and ready to perform. Our service crew is ready to complete your bottom paint job and to tackle your most commonly-asked bottom paint questions, including:

1)  What is bottom paint and why does my boat need it?

Bottom paint (also known as anti-fouling paint) is designed to reduce marine growth on your boat’s hull.

A dirty boat bottom will adversely impact your vessel’s speed and fuel economy.  This is important to monitor, and typically needs to be annually or biannually. Ask a Service Team Member for a free inspection and quote.   

2) What time of the year should I schedule bottom paint service?

 You’re in Chicago, the ideal time to schedule a paint job is November through March so you don’t miss out on any of the time you can spend on the water.

Being proactive about this is key, as most service departments are booked solid for several weeks before desired launch dates.

3) What options are available for bottom paint?

The range of bottom paints includes:

  • hard-modified epoxy, also referred to as “hard paint”
  • semi-hard copolymer ablative, or “self-polishing paint”

Self-polishing paints are also offered in water-based (copper-free) options.

Ablative self-polishing paints gradually wear away a tiny bit at a time to reveal fresh biocide as your boat moves through the water. A good analogy is to picture a bar of soap that wears away with each use. As long as ablative paint remains on your hull, you know it’s working to prevent growth. In addition, because it is constantly wearing away, there’s no buildup of old paint, which is harder to remove.

With hard bottom paints, the copper biocide gradually wears away (rather than the paint itself), allowing the water to penetrate deeper and deeper into the paint until all the biocide is depleted. Hard-bottom paints form a tough, hard coating that holds up well and doesn’t wear away, making them a good choice for faster boats looking to maintain top speed.

Use our Bottom Paint Calculator to get a quick estimate on your bottom paint job.

Contact us for more information at service@chicagoyachtworks.com or 312-666-6670. Mention this email when you schedule your bottom paint job and take advantage of a 20% discount!